Posted project transactions - when invoiced lines don't create entries in all the necessary ledger accounts all the time.


   We have some odd scenario. When lines are invoiced  (project management and Accounting - Common\Transactions\Posted project transactions screen) the journal entries are not created for all the ledger accounts. This happens only to some transactions but not all of them with the same projid and the same category. For the same project and the for the Category they posting to the general ledger are different. I have tried to debug but couldn't find anything related to ledger entries during the invoice proposal. For instance here are the couple of screen shots of the Voucher transactions of two different trasactions for the same project and for the same category. Please see the two voucher transactions TRN-008359067 (for $418) and the TRN-008847845 (for $260)

For the TRN-008847845 two ledger entries 11050-CA-006-0607-033166-CA that would have -260 and the 58019-CA-006-0607-033166-CA account that would have a $260 are missing compared to the TRN-008359067  voucher transactions. 

Is there a specific place that I can look at? I am not sure if this is configurational issue. Can you please shed some light?

Version : AX 2012 RTM