Get cross company data from D365FO to power apps.

Hello All,

My requirement is to create a simple canvas app(in Power App) in order to display the customer details as a list and details view, where the user can able to do the basic CRUD operations.

I have created a app with Dynamics 365FO as a connection and added a data source to my list screen. By default it is displaying the data from the company which is assigned to a user as default company in D365fo.

For example if a user has default company has USMF then the list displays data from that company.

Please look into the steps in which I have created the app in the following screenshots.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I have selected D365FO as a connection and also selected Customers entity as my datasource.

Step 3.

With the given datasource Power app will create a app like the following.

In the above image the data getting displayed in the list are coming from the customer entity.

The data is getting filtered based on the default company of the user.

Is there a way to pull data from multiple company into Power Apps. Please suggest.