add a specific field of table in a dialog field

i want to add the field TimeZone of table LogisticsAddressCountryRegion to a dialogField

dialogFieldCheck = dialogLocal.addField(attributeStr(LogisticsAddressCountryRegion.TimeZone));

but i'm catching an exception on runtime:

No enum value of types matching logistigsAddressCountryRegion.TimeZone is found

what's wrong?

  • The value of addField() should be a name a data type. What you put there clearly isn't such a thing. If it didn't fail already on LogisticsAddressCountryRegion.TimeZone, the compilation would fail on attributeStr(), because LogisticsAddressCountryRegion.TimeZone isn't a name of an attribute class. And if you provided that, it would make no logical sense, because you want a data type of the field and not an attribute class.

    Remove everything from addField() and put there extendedTypeStr() with the name of the extended data type.