Does Masterplaning take the backlog of open purchase orders into account when creating a new purchase order ?

Hi all,

I am digging into the masterplaning and I came up with one question where I couldnt find the answer..

  • Lets assume I create a safety stock for item 123
  • My safety stock for this item is 5 pcs.
  • Masterplaning creates a PO for item 123 cause I reached my safety stock of 5
  • I ordered 10 pcs. of item 123
  • My vendor ony delivers 7 pcs, so the PO has a backlog of 3 items that will be delivered later
  • Now I have 12 pcs. in stock (5 safety stock and 7 that have been delivered)
  • I sell 9 pcs. so now I have only 3 items left in my warehouse
  • When masterplaning now creates a new PO does it recognize that I still have an open order of 3 items from my previous PO (so 3 on stock and 3 as a backlog for my previous PO) meaning that I have 6 on stock (so 3 on stock and 3 as a backlog for my previous PO) and Masterplaning dosent create a PO, cause my saftey stock is 5 ?
  • Or will Masterplaning ignore the backlock and orders 2 items so I reach my saftey stock of 5 items again and my vendor will send me 2 ?

I know this is a little constructed, but I just want to understand what would do in such a case ?

Best Regards !

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