Generate periods

Hi all,

  I have a question . I have a text field and I am going to enter the year only

When I enter the year, it should generate, 01,02, 03 till 13.

because each 28 days in a month is used for making point.  in the year 13 such cycles come for each year.

when I give start start date, next day in enddate function must come after calculation.

similarly when end date for the next row come like this.

201902  if I select today is the date, next day must be 07/12/2019 will come after this

next day will start on 08/12/2019 and it goes the next end date will be of 04/02/2019.

this will go like this for every 28 day till 1,2,3.....13 slabs.

how to do that, I have find DateEdit select the year but it is not clear and show like this.

how to make the size visisible.

kindly help me as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

parimalraj viswanathan