Create a temp table on field modified


I have a two datasource form in which one datasource is a platform to trigger the other datasource that will be temp. The form is used for the company's unique pricing of finished goods. I have a selection of 3 fields - Quote number, Customer account and Item number. These could be customer or quote specific pricing for our products. The first two must be selected before the item is selected. When that item is selected I want the price breaks to be populated into the temp table/datasource and displayed on the form. The price breaks Tmp table will be checking if a pricing exists already for that combination, if not it checks to see if it exists for just the item, if not then it creates a blank record for it. These are checked through history which is written at the time of close after a calculation has been completed. 

When I select my item it doesn't seem to run my insertRecords method that is used to create my table for the breaks. The method is passed a bunch of different values and it will fill out the temp table based on those values. I am also calling the linkPhysicalTableInstance method on the data source that has table type TmpDB.


Does each datasource need to be temp if multiple users are going to be accessing this and creating multiple prices for multiple items?

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