AX2012 to D365 Full Upgrade


I'm curious to understand whether anyone has attempted and successfully completed a full data upgrade from AX to D365 please and which tools you used?  Static and full historic data.

Many thanks.

  • I would ask it in the MS Community forum (if you have not already). I have spoken to several clients about using the standard approach ( the standard tools are documented in pages like this What seems to happen is the customer either does not progress (they thought it would be simple and free) or they start again with a re-implementation. Many customers on AX2012 customised it to the nth degree and when you ask them "today" what customisations they use they dont know any differentiation, they see it simply as the AX2012 solution and therefore they dont want to relearn or pay to re-develop or re-imagine the solution. It ultimately depends upon the driver but I have had the conversations and gone no further. However I have read of many other partners that have done this with many customers in blogs and user stories etc. 

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