How to set value to a FormBuildIntControl on a Form?


  I have created a group ('TotalsGrop') under the design in a Form and have added FormBuildIntControl textboxes dynamically to the group. As I add the controls to the group I added the same controls to a List to access them later to set some integer values based on some calculation.

Here is the a portion of the code I have to add the control to the form

//adding text box controls
totalIntControl = _frmGrpControl.addControl(FormControlType::Integer, _oprId);
//totalIntControl.value(20); // here I have access to the value property to set a value
totalIntControl.label(_oprId + ' Total:');

Here is the code where I am trying to retreive the FormBuildIntControl from the list (summaryControlsList) and trying to use the .value() property but I can't see the value() property to set an int value.

public void displayTotals()

FormBuildIntControl     formBuildIntControl;
ListEnumerator          le = summaryControlsList.getEnumerator();
RouteOprId              routeOprId;
//int test;
    formBuildIntControl = le.current();
    routeOprId =;
    select OperationsSum, OprId from masMaxOprIdOprNumTmp
    where masMaxOprIdOprNumTmp.oprId == routeOprId;
    //formBuildIntControl.value(real2int(masMaxOprIdOprNumTmp.OperationsSum)); //I have access to the value() here but it doesn't display in the text box
    //'TotalsGroup')... // can't get find the value() method

Is there a way to set values to the dynamically generated FormBuildIntControls on a Form?