Populating Sales Line Price & Net Amount Fields

We are using To-Increase Multi Channel Retail module, but from the normal Sales order form. This has allowed us to make use of the 'Kit' functionality and has been fairly successful. The downside to this is that it presents the prices at the kit level, so whilst it displays the components underneath the kit item in the sales order form, the prices and discounts are all zero.

Not displaying the prices for the components is ok, until it comes to our invoice where we have a need to list the components and their individual prices. On the sales line, these are zero so need to be calculated. This is where my conundrum begins. I need to calculate the sales price, line amount and net price per piece, but take into account the discount for an item and also the customer's possible discount.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with possible suggestions? Example X++ code would be great

  • That is just a large customisation, having written the specification for something similar you need to hold the details on the line and then apply the discounts at line level but all in reporting fields and of course reconcile back to the order and account for manual changes etc. It was a very large task in AX2012 when I did it years ago for a customer.