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Hello, good day, I ask for your support to know if it is possible to perform the following scenario.

It is desired to modify the normal behavior of the Quote/RFQ when the quotation comes from a Purchase Request (PR), and one of the elements split into 2 or more suppliers, it only allows it to be done with a single supplier, modifying the PR to later create the PO; it is desired that although the RFQ is linked to a PR, it generates the Purchase Orders of the article that has several suppliers (when it is a direct quote it allows to split a line with different suppliers and generate the n' POs for each of the Suppliers).

My doubts / questions are as follows

1-. How you can track the classes / methods that launches the OK Command button of a form (PurchRFQEditLine)?.

2-. Will Microsoft allow me to modify core classes that affect the OK Command Button?

  • Yes and no. You can't change how the command as such is handled, but you can change what happens as the result. For instance, OK command closes the form and you can't remap it to some other action. But closing a form executes close() method and you can influence what happens there.

    By the way, please ask these question in the developer forum (I've already moved this thread there) and attach a tag with your version of AX (e.g. AX 2012).

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