Table relations only partially working

I have an issue with a custom table (ItemLookupValuesTable) and relations to InventTable.  The custom table contains a string field (Value) and base enum (LookupTypes).  The Value string field is related to a string field in InventTable (LookupMaker) and I want to limit selections available on that InventTable.LookupMaker field based on one of the base enum values.  The relation looks like the image below.

I have also added the InventTable.LooupMaker field to an extension of the EcoResProductExtended form.  When I edit the InventTable.LookupMaker field in the EcoResProductExtended form, the drop down list is limited to only values from the ItemLookuValuesTable that have a LookupTypes of Manufacturer, which is what I need.  The problem I have is with adding the field to the advance filters in the EcoResProductExtended list page, the drop down on the filter shows all the values, ignoring the base enum type.  What do I need to do to make this relation work in the EcoResProductExtended form as well as the advanced filters?