Unable to view data in New Form

Hi DAX Community,

I am trying to create a new Custom Sales Order Enquiry form, which must have 2 filters FromDateTime and ToDateTime. This filter must run on the SalesTable.createdDateTime field and retrieve the records from SalesTable.

May I know how can i achieve this?

What steps I took:'

I created the form, create the 2 filters, Created A new table TestTable with 3 fields: SalesId, Sales Name and Created Date Time and this TestTable is being used as a DataSource in the New Sales Order enquiry form.

I can see that the data is being inserted in TestTable but not refecting in the form's grid.

To try fixing this, i tried TestTable_ds.research(true); in the form after the insertion took place - But this didn't fetch me any expected outputs.

  • Hi ,

    Now I have all the data with required fields in View and those I am able to see in the Form. 

    Fields i can view in form: 

    Now i have created 2 new filter fields Date from Time and Date To Time. How can i utilize these fields when entered by user to filter records in my form. I mean where i should write the code for this filtering

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