Extending EcoResProductName edt

I have a requirement to change the size of the product name used in EcoResProductTranslation table (EcoResProductName edt) from 60 characters to 120.  EcoResProductName extends from Name, so I cannot change it's size without extending the Name edt..  Name is used in alot of places in D365FO, so I'm worried this will cause more issues than it fixes.  Am I just being too cautious?  Is there a better way to get the size of EcoResProductName changed?



  • I haven't found any other way to do it but I had to do the same thing in my company. It really isn't a big deal it will just make anything using the Name EDT limit to 120 characters as well as anything extending it, to my understanding anyway. I have not seen any reports saying it has caused some weird issue so I think you're in the clear.

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