Hotfix installed and trying to resolve the code conflicts - need inputs in the process


  I have installed a hotfix and compared the CUS layer with the SYP layer and now trying to fix the errors in the code. I see red squiggly lines for the ones that I do not see any reason. May be I am missing some thing. Here are a couple of scenarios. IArgument '_taxableDocumentDescriptor' is incompatiable with the required type. I see that argument type looks same as that is being passed in but it still complains about it is compatiable with the required type.

Here is another scenario. I see all the types look good but I still see this.

After the getting the code from the SYP layer to the CUS layer I performed the below steps before I start looking to the code issues:

1) Restarted AOS

2) Full Hotfix  project compile

3) Ran full CIL

4) Then compiled the Hotfix project

I still see these issues. Am I missing something?