Nested (2 dimensional) Array


long, long time ago I saw (and used) a solution for a 2 dimensional array in Axapta (2.5)

I cannot find that solution anymore, searched on the internet but cannot find.

It was something like an array of arrays. Simple and straightforward, but worked.

There's one solution around on internet (with a macro etc) but that one is too difficult.

So anybody here who can recall such a method of an array of arrays?


  • Regarding "one solution around on internet (with a macro etc)", you seem to mean Multiple Array Indexes in AX documentation. It's not really difficult - let me try to explain it once more.

    Imagine that you want a matrix with 4x4 elements. AX natively supports only one-dimensional arrays, so you can simply put all 16 elements (4x4) into a single one-dimensional array. You'll consider first 4 elements to be the first row, elements 5-8 the second row and so on.

    Macros aren't necessary; I would rather wrap the logic in a class anyway.

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