how to get the to ware house and from ware house , seasoncode ,mrp.

I am created this class , but i am not getting above fields data in report.

private void insertWorkTransTmp()
while select whsworktable where wHSWorkTable.createdDateTime >= fromDateTime
&& wHSWorkTable.createdDateTime <= toDateTime
select firstOnly pwcrtwinquires where pwCRTWInquires.WorkId == wHSWorkTable.WorkId;
select firstOnly pwcadvicemaintable where pwCAdviceMainTable.CustAccount == pwCRTWInquires.CustAccount;
select firstonly custtable where custTable.AccountNum == pwCAdviceMainTable.CustAccount;
select firstonly inventTransferJour where inventTransferJour.WorkId == wHSWorkTable.WorkId;

while select firstOnly whsworkline where wHSWorkTable.WorkId == wHSWorkLine.WorkId
select firstOnly inventDim where inventDim.inventDimId == wHSWorkLine.InventDimId;
select firstOnly inventItemBarcode where inventItemBarcode.inventDimId == inventDim.InventDimId;
select firstOnly pwCItemApproval where pwCItemApproval.ItemBarcode == inventItemBarcode.itemBarCode;




any one help me.