Customized form not saving the value in the grid


I have a designed a form in AX2012 called CAEEmplInfo Form.




Below image shows the output of the form

On the top of the Tab Header ,it lists the employee with EID, NAme .Status. Title

On the bottom of Tab line it displays Timesheet Details with a Grid,

Top Tab header is populated from the table CAEEmplTable (MAster Table)

Bottom Tab grid is from CaeEmpl1 

CaeEmpl1 has join source with CaeEmplTable. And also i had added relation in the Datasource between Caeempltable and CaeEmpl1 as below

The form works like when i click on the top Tab header and on the bottom grid when i enter the grid details and click on ADD button ,the record has to be inserted in caeempl1 with the top selected emplid and filled records from the link. I thought if i put the join source and relation the records get inserted. but its not happening. It will not insert any record.

I am not sure what i am missing with the above. Please let me know if my explanation is not clear


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