Cust Aging report processing time improvement

Hi All,

One of my client is using AX 2009 and they have customer aging report which runs on every month end. There is a batch job which schedules for that.

It currently takes 15 -16 hours to complete the full execution of report. 

Once I started digging into it, I found that in fetch method where the query is fetching the records (, the total records fetched using that query are 15737358 (close to 16 million).

I already checked the indexes and there is nothing much found in that.

Is there any way where I can do some performance improvement (speed up the  time)  or does it look Ok this much time to process (close to 16 million) records ?

Please suggest.


  • Hi All,

    Can anyone please help me ?

  • I don't have AX 2009 code at hand, but one thing you probably can check is if there is any BLOB field being used. For example, is your company logo retrieved from database for every customer that's run? See if you can directly configure a picture on the report itself. AX 2009 is not using SSRS, so I am not that sure, but I significantly reduced several AX 2012 SSRS execution time using this trick, BLOB hurts performance, anyway.    Hope it helps!