PO Invoice not showing GST tax

Hi All, 

I am facing an issue in PO invoice posting GST. I have written a job that will read the PO packing slip from AX that has with GST details and will post invoice.

I am using purchformletter.update method to post invoice. The problem is invoice is getting posted but when I explore tax document in invoice journal form, the GST form  is empty.

Since the logic involves insertions into _IN related tables, I have made insertions into vendInvoiceTable_IN, VenInvoiceTable_W, VendInvoiceInfoLine_IN, VendIncoiceInfoLine_W in my custom class and invoice is posted.

By default when invoice is posted, the system inserts data into invoice related tables like VendInvoiceJour_IN, _W, VendInvoiceTrans_W, _IN. But I am not sure where I am I missing a link to display GST details.

Also when debugging I found that the when tax document classes arrives, standard class has a piece of code taxdocument.componentLines(). The enumerators for component lines are empty. I'm struk in the middle and not sure what should be assigned or missing.

Any help will be appreciated.