Refreshing data on the VendTransOpen form

Hey. I added a button on the transaction pairing form (VendTransOpen). My method on the button deletes the relevant records from the spectrans table. I have a problem with refreshing data. The record still has a red dot even after manual refreshing (F5). After restarting the form, of course, the selection is gone. but how to refresh it?

nothing works what can be called from this, element, tableSource_DS, etc. A solution in the style of refresh, reread, etc. not working.
Do you have any experience with this? 
Help :) 

  • I found solution 
    void clicked()
    SpecTrans localSpecTrans;
    localSpecTrans = SpecTrans::findByRef(VendTransOpen.dataAreaId, VendTransOpen.TableId, VendTransOpen.RecId, true);
    if (localSpecTrans)

    manager = CustVendOpenTransManager::construct(originator);  // this line refresh data