Field is missing from the returned result set

Exception Message :The dataset ‘SalesInvoiceDS’ contains a definition for the Field ‘GiroType’. This field is missing from the returned result set from the data source.

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Hi All,

 I try to debug the below method Underlined line shows the warning. 

SRSReportRunPrinter - Class


private Array renderReportToFile(Filename _filename, SRSReportFileFormat _fileFormat)
Array files = this.parmSrsProxy().renderReportToFile(reportContract.parmReportPath(),
// write warnings to log.
this.displayReportErrors(); ----------- Error Warning Rised here ----------
return files;

Then I Step into that method it calls  SrsProxy  class the below method. you can see the underlined line 

public Array getReportWarnings()
Array reportWarnings = new Array(Types::String);
System.Collections.ArrayList warnings;
System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator;
anytype warning;


reportingServicesExecutionInfo = reportingServicesProxy.get_ReportExecutionInfo();--Error Raised--
if (reportingServicesExecutionInfo != null)
warnings = reportingServicesExecutionInfo.get_ReportWarnings();

if (warnings != null)
enumerator = warnings.GetEnumerator();
while (enumerator.MoveNext())
// BP deviation documented
warning = CLRInterop::getAnyTypeForObject(enumerator.get_Current());
reportWarnings.value(reportWarnings.lastIndex() + 1, any2str(warning));
catch (Exception::CLRError)
// We must trap CLRError explicitly, to be able to retrieve the CLR exception later (using CLRInterop::getLastException() )

return reportWarnings;

In this method "reportingServicesProxy.get_ReportExecutionInfo()" .The  reportingservicesproxy buffer is initialized in the  SysProxy  class

Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Reporting.Shared.Proxy     reportingServicesProxy;


But it is a framework.How can I debug this? Please, anyone gives suggestions to come out of this.


Lakshmikanthan K