How to print co-product information on production /batch report?

I want to print co - product information on production/batch order report in ax 2012r3 ...

Please suggest me...

  • Is that a custom report?
    You can get the co-products data related to a batch order from, \Data Dictionary\Tables\PmfProdCoBy

  • In reply to Kranthi:

    No Kranthi .. In the productions report (/Production control/Area page/Reports/ transactions/Producations) we need to add co-product information at the bottom.

    Suppose one production order have 2 or 3 co products  are there then 2 or 3 co- product information should come in the standard report  below (we need  to add this ). this is purely based on query . I added pmfprodcoBy table to  standard query and  i given relation Prodtable.Prodid == PmfprodcoBy.Prodid .(refer screen shot 1)

    but whenever i run the report this data coming last page and it co product info comeing multiple time .

    in the Pic we can see  00099 production order have only 2 co products (Image 2) but it showing 5 times of each co product and it is coming 2nd page ...

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    but whenever i run the report this data coming last

    last page - you have to deal at your report design level.

    co product info comeing multiple time


    So you only have two records in PmfprodcoBy with that Prodid?

    If so, try running your query in a job and debug.