Dialog box using class

hi all,

Need to know how to create dialog box using class and in that how to call a menu item from ok button.


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  • You can use the Dialog class to create dialogs; you'll find a plenty of examples both on internet and in the standard application.
    Nevertheless note that dialogs usually aren't used independently. The purpose of dialogs usually is to collect input from user on client and then execute business logic on server, which is the purpose of the RunBase framework. There you use the Dialog class as well, but you don't deal with OK/Cancel buttons or such things; that's handled automatically for you.
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    Check-out this link for creation of a simple dialog.


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    I know to create in job, please send me an link to create dialog box using class.
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    Try placing the same code in a method in a class which you have created
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    As already said, you need to be using the RunBase framework. There are enough examples in standard.
    Example - \Classes\SalesParmCleanUp

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    Thanks, Kranthi.