Record Id in Axapta

Hi Friends,

We are aware Record id is always unique in Axapta. 

I have a question, If there are one lakh records in my database and if i deleted 100 records will be my deleted RecordId

will be reused for other newly created records.

Reason for the Question: I am developing some registration functionality in Axapta. A new record is getting created when ever i split lines. I doubt whether I can used Max(RecId) function. 


  • No, they deleted RecIds won't be reused.
    You didn't tell us what you're trying to achieve with Max(RecId), but most likely you shouldn't do that.
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    So, if the total capacity of database is 1 crore records and if all 10 digit Recid increment is completed then later i decided to delete 1 lakh records the how will the RecId will increment. Just a logical question.
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    No, the range of RecIds is 2^64 (in AX4+), a croce is mere 10^7.
    That you delete something has no impact to the sequence. If you used had 10^7 IDs, the next one will be 10^7+1 or something close to that (it's actually more complicated, because IDs are allocated in batches and you may have several application servers).
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