How to add field in InventValueReport

Hi everyone,

I make one field with name : Description. I want to get information from table  EcoResProductTranslation with field Description and insert this information in InventValueReport(InventValueReportTmpLine).

After I add field , which i make - Description , in InventValueReportTmpLine. I go to DP and insert field in macro.

After this I mean , i must go to InventValueReportPopulateItem , but I don't know how to implement code ther first to join tables and after this to insert information in field.

I will join table like this with little changes.



  • \Classes\InventValueReportPopulateResource\findReportLine-> this is where the itemId value is assigned. Try having your code here.
    tmpReportLine.Description = _inventTable.defaultProductDescription();
  • In reply to Kranthi:

    But when I debugged it - the value is empty . Can you help me ?

    And after deploy in VS Project , also empty 

  • In reply to Vladislav Penchev:

    Look at the _inventTable record values. Are you getting a value for inventTable.product field.
    If not, use find method. InventTable::find(_inventTable.ItemId).defaultProductDescription();

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    When I debugged it looks good

    but when I deploy VS project and run Report From Ax view

    Inventory management/Reports/Inventory value /Inventory value - Field is empty

  • In reply to Vladislav Penchev:

    Try by restarting the SSRS service. It could be a cache issue.