Calculated field – Physical inventory for quarantine warehouses


I need a Calculated field – Physical inventory (as per ‘Total Stock on hand’ ) for quarantine warehouses (INVENTLOCATIONTYPE = 1, also known as INVENTLOCATIONTYPE:: Quarantine).I am passing item id as a parameter to get the value.Anyone pls help how can I get the total quarantine (Units).


Thanks advance

  • You can use InventOnhand class. \Classes\InventOnhand\newItemDim
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    Hi Kranti,

    Thanks for the reply, Im using invent table ,I don't think invent table has relation with inventdim table . i dont know to join and pass the parameter to the below code tmp.totalquarantine=inventonhand::newitemdim(invnettable.itemid,

    thanks advance
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    InventDimParm inventDimParm;
    InventDim inventDimCriteria;

    InventOnhand  inventOnhand;

    inventDimParm.ItemIdFlag = true;
    inventDimParm.InventLocationIdFlag = true;
    inventDimCriteria.InventLocationId = 'Quarantine'; // use your quarantine warehouse here
    inventOnhand = InventOnhand::newItemDim(InventTable.ItemId, inventDimCriteria, inventDimParm);