How to find he singapore localization code in AX

Hi All,

I need to find the singapore localization code in all the AOT objects( Tables,classes,forms..).


can you please help how to find the code.




  • What is your AX version?
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    Hi Kranthi,

    thanks for reply. Its AX 2012 RTM

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    There will be shared projects created for country specific functionality (example - India -> will have *_IN, Japan - JP).
    In AX 2012 most of the country specific functionalities were collapsed to SYS layer, so it is hard to differentiate it from the other standard code(not country specific).
    1. The code will be having comments to show if that is a country specific functionality.
    2. CountryRegionCodes property will be set to related country -> on tables, menu items...
    For Singapore, CountryRegionCodes = SG
    Example - \Menu Items\Output\TaxReport_SG
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    I agreed your concerned._SG is mentioned AOT objects like Form, classes and Table at the end .but I need to check at the code level(in methods).Suppose take the china localization,at the code level its mentioned like
    // <GCN>


    is it possible to check for singapore localization same?

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    I haven't seen any comments in code particularly related to singapore (<GSG>).
    May be you can try searching AOT objects using Find.