Cannot create a record , The record already exists.? Don't know what to do?

I have this production order that is stuck i can no longer go back to created status or get passed the start option.

Has someone else seen something like this, running AX 2012 PRODUCTION CONTROL<COMMON<PRODUCTION ORDERS<ALL PRODUCTION ORDERS (action) <process   can no longer cancel or complete this job order.


  • Do you only have this issue with one production order?
    Can see the inventory transactions related to item 9911-0011 from production order related BOM lines?
  • What are you trying to do when you get that error message?

    Have you deleted the prodBOM against the production order and tried again?
  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    I don't think it will let you delete the prodBOm if the production is in released status, rather try by setting the qty to zero .