How we can update blank product dimesion on purchase requisition form

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I have scenario , i want update blank product dimension on purchase requistion details form by clicking a normal buttton . If anybody how we can do that then please help me..


I'm already add a normal button and try to code on click method to update blank product dimension ( config, size and color ) on purchase requisition form.

  • What do you mean by blank product dimension? Can you show us the code?
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    You have to modify the inventDimID on that table. Use a inventDim local variable in your code, take the current dimensions it into and empty the required dimension. Then find the inventDimId using InventDim::findOrCreate and assign it to PurchreqLine.InventDimId.
    Every time you modify these dimension, it will call \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchReqLine\Methods\modifyInventDim
    In this method it will also update some of the fields based on the selected dimension. You may also have to consider it based on your requirement.
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    Thanks kranthi...

    I'm applying your approach and definitely i'm succeed for doing these. So again thanks you so much Kranthi