TFS 2012 Sync issue with Table Collections


I would like to know any one had this issue earlier and what might be the resolutions steps for below issue.

My client using TFS 2012 and everything going fine but not able to view changes made to Table collection which already part of Virtual company setup.

Change : Added couple of tables to the existing Table Collection and no error messages while I check-in code in development box and worked as expected in development box.

We are using automatic merge and merged code from development to test environments with out any errors and able to see changes in the TFS and also in the repository folder but not in the AX AOT/Data Dictionary/ Table Collections and not sure what will be issue with Table collections merge. We don't have any other issues with other objects, so far noticed only with Table collections.

It would be great if someone can share any sort experience to resolve this issue would be helpful. Thanks in advance.