Error when printing Sales Invoice Proforma - Normal Sales Invoice is working correctly


we are using Dynamics AX 4.0.

Since two weeks we have a weird issue.
Some AX users can´t print proforma invoices.

When such a user tries to print a proforma invoice, then the report gets shown correctly.
If you click on the print button in the report view and choose a print (or print to file etc.) the following message is shown:

The message translated to:

A record in Print Job information (job-level) (PrintJobHeader) could not be altered.


If you dismiss this message the print job is sent to the print, but the pages are completely empty.
A new user also has the problem and my Admin-Account also has this problem (confirmed working 1 month ago).

The same users can print normal Sales Invoices.
Even if I alter an Invoice (set Proforma = true), the report can be printed correctly.

Any suggestions?
I checked everything, but I cant find the error.

Our dev and test-system are showing the same error, so it cant be AOS related.
We also restartet the AOS and DB multiple times



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