Scheduling Engine capacity

Hello, something strange is happening here.

I'm getting an error in my production environment when I try to release a production order:



I found this site that seemed applicable and started going through the steps.  We have 6 machines set up for operation 80, all of which are for the correct site and have calendars.  I tried turning off the scheduling parameters.  I don't think we're doing finite scheduling - We don't use AX to actually schedule our machines, we accomplish that though manual workflows.  With nothing else to try, I decided to attempt to enable the logging - however, I didn't want to enable logging in production, as lots of users are in there... so I refreshed our test environment and enabled logging there.  However, when I attempted to reproduce the error in test, I got a different message:

It's definitely related, but it occurs at an earlier point in the code, where we're initializing the scheduling engine:

And no, before you ask, I don't have the "Enable the hot-swapping of assemblies for each develpment session.' checkbox checked in the Ax Server Configuration Utility.  And the line about data at the root level being invalid is because I added this code to the PropUndScheduling.Run method right before it throws the error:


I think it's failing on some sort of xml import or something?  But I have no idea why live doesn't have this problem.  The tracing I turned on in Test isn't doing anything but it might if I could get past this CLR error.  


Anyway, I hope that was enough information.  I would appreciate any attempts to help, or even just to explain what the scheduling engine is trying to do - maybe I can simply ignore this functionality and any errors it throws?  We do not schedule our machines using Axapta.