AIF Schema error: SalesOrder:AxdEnum_Timezone' is not declared, or is not a simple type.



I've been changing the SalesOrderService document service. Specifically, adding new tables to the query. I've updated the document service using the wizard (checked the boxes for regenerating the document and AxBC class) and deployed the service again.


When I try to test the service using the XML file adapter, I get the following error: Type '' is not declared, or is not a simple type. 


I can reproduce the error by navigating to EndPoints, selecting the sales order inbound endpoint, Action policies, Parameter schema, View schema. Clearly, the schema is messed up.


I tried to regenerate the schema using the GenerateXSDSchema_AxdSalesOrder to no avail.


Is there a way for me to clear teh schema and regenerate again?


Thank you.