CDO.Message 'send' failing for MorhpX report

Hi Experts,

In AX 2012, I am working on a MorphX report(Already developed) which has email sending functionality and the code is fine.

When I try to send the email, It is throwing below error,

"Method 'send' in COM object of class 'CDO.Message' returned error code 0x80040211 (<unknown>) which means: <unknown>."

and when I try to send any other report(SSRS) by email, it is working fine. So, there shouldn't be any issue with email parameters.

So, I am puzzled here.

Please drive me in correct direction if I am missing something.


Thanks in advance.




  • Did it ever work? Or has it stopped working after recent changes?
  • In reply to Abhinay:

    Thanks for the reply, Abhinay.

    The report was developed. But, was not release for Prod.

    As per client, it was working in test earlier.
  • In reply to Vermaaxaid:

    Perhaps this link holds the key.

  • In reply to Abhinay:

    The environment has only one AOS.

    As I said, the other reports are able to send the emails.

    I have done below things as well.

    I have generated CIL.

    The user has access to the attachments path.

    Restarted the AOS twice.

    Still the above error is coming.
  • In reply to Vermaaxaid:

    Please give suggestions on this.
  • In reply to Vermaaxaid:

    Posting little late...

    Here is the solution I found after all the above steps are performed.

    1) I have used
    interopPermission = new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ComInterop);

    for proper assertions and permissions.

    2) Make sure the email account which you are using(From address) should have proper access and permissions on email server.

    and they worked for me.