Importing Zipcodes of Spain


   I'm working on AX2012R3, So when i went to import zip codes from organization administration module  i can see only five countries in drop down(Netherlands,Sweden,United states,Belgium ,Japan and China). Here I would like to have an option for Spain, can someone help me how to add Spain in this lookup?

Thank for your help!!

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  • The values are defined in LogisticsAddrZipCodeImportCountryRegion enum. Based on your selection, a particular class extending AddressZipCodeImport (e.g. AddressZipCodeImport_SE for Sweden) is instantiated in AddressZipCodeImport::construct(). The entry point for import logic is readFile().
    You should now know enough to be able to review existing classes. Then create a new class and enum element for Spain and implement the class in a similar way as how it's done for other countries.

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