Incorrect form notes in generated XML-file

When a credit note is created for Invoiced sales order, sales Invoice report shows the correct form notes that were setup in Account Receivable setup module( (i.e)Form Notes for Sales credit note ).But when XML file generated for the invoiced sales order credit note  the xml file shows form notes for SalesInvoice.
Can anyone help me to resolve the issue??

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    By the way I have mentioned this post in AX2009 and sorry I think you have thought it as 2012 version.
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    It's years since I've seen such an old version, but the framework is still the same in AX 2012 R3, which I do have somewhere. Unfortunately the framework doesn't exist anymore in the latest version (which I have installed locally), so I can't do it for you in the moment.
    By the way, learning how to find such information by yourself (e.g. how to use cross references) would greatly help you; you can't ask in a forum every time when you need to understand a piece of code.
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    I think i didn't ask you to explain any code and moreover you didn't understand the question properly.Question was how debugger hits in Ax2009. So please understand the question and try to reply properly.
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    My apologies, I thought you said "But I just need to know when the AxdSalesInvoice_Einvoice\initQuery method gets executed?" Now I see it means "how debugger hits in Ax2009", but unfortunately the sentence doesn't make sense to me.
    It seemed you didn't know how to debug batches and then you started talking about other things, so now I(n have no idea what you want... Please explain clearly what you need, otherwise there is nothing I can do for you.
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    Martin first of all before answering an question try to see for which tag the question gets Posted.I mentioned the tag for 2009 and you are just replying for 2012.I am done with the question.

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    All right, sorry for trying to help you. But if you don't explain your problem, nobody else will be able to help you either. You have it in your hands. Good luck. :-)
  • This is my opinion (not an argument :) )
    1. There is no hard rule on what needs to be asked and what doesn't - until the content stays in the boundaries of the forum.
    2. We don't have to be rude with the people who are trying to help us without expecting any thing (may be just a Thank you)

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    Anyway Thank you for both of you who helped me to reach some solution to resolve this problem.:-)