How to select Fourth Record In a table

How to select fourth Record In a table   using Select Statement..


I have a table(Two fields) , fields Like ( Date, Time  )Totally 5 records(Rows) 

I need  to Select 4 Th Record  I don't Know The Record Values   , Don't Use The Loops  Concept  How to select 4 th Record

Any one Know The Logic

  • How do you identify/know which record is first, second, third ...?
    If you want to decide it based on the recid, then
    You may have to look through the records and break the loop after reaching the required record (you can use firstonly10)
    You can use four select statements or a for loop and a single select statement with in it
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    Thanks for Reply kranthi,

    While writing four select statements its Lengthy code, is there any alternate way
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    Not sure why do you want to select the fourth record? how does it is different from other records?
  • Hi, you mean to how to select the second last record in a table?