container column contents



One of my Ax tables has a column of the data type container. The column name is xyzQuery. The content of this column is used to instantiate a runQuery as in the statement: 


queryRun = new QueryRun(myTable.xyzQuery);

The statement executes without any problem. So, I'm guessing the content of this column is a query object. I can assign this column to a container like so:


container con;

con = myTable.xyzQuery;

In the debugger, I see that the container size is 1 and the datatype of the first element is blob. 

I get a run time error (Wrong argument type) when I execute the statement:

info(strFmt(conPeek(con, 1)));


When I view the table in AX-AOT, the column is blank. If i View the table in SSMS, it is an unintelligible stream of bytes. So, how can I view the contents of this column?