How we can add custom Lookup on Morphx Report Dialog Box?

Basically, my requirement is like these.   I have a Morphx repoprt when we open these report , a dialog box will open. Which have Four field 

a) From Date          b) To Date        c) Customer Group       d) Customer Account

Basically, i want when we select Customer Group (For ex. 10 ), so only customer which are under these customer group are shown in Customer Account Field........ Please remember i want these customization only on Morphx report. In SSRS Report  or Excel Report i achieved these customization.........................

  • For that customization you can use class.
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    Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 (Cumulative Update 10)
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    How we can use class for that customization, can you explain it ?????. I'm also think that we create a dialog class which have same four field and on these class we also add customized lookup but i don't know how we can use these dialog class on my report.

    So, if you have any feasible solution so explain it???????
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    Why are you trying to develop a MorphX report in AX 2012? It's a dead, deprecated technology, existing in AX 2012 only to allow you to rework your old MorphX reports to SSRS. MorphX reports don't exist in AX 7 anymore, so anything you would do today would be lost during the next upgrade.
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    Thanks for reply Martin

    But please tell me my requirement is feasible/possible or not for customization?????
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    You should move it to SSRS report and it is possible in SSRS report with the help of UI builder class.
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    i know i,m done these customization in SSRS Report (Using UI Builder Class ) as well as Excel Report ( Basically add Look up method and overide lookup method by using these line
    // _CustAcc.registerOverrideMethod(methodStr(FormStringControl, lookup), methodStr(CustomerTranscation, lookupCustAcc), this); // )
    But that time i need to do these customization on morphx Report. So if you have any kind of help for me then share it ............
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    You see that dialogs in AX 2012 supports it, so it would be possible. But it doesn't matter, because MorphX reports are not supported anymore. Don't use them.
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    Please find that xpo i done this type of requirement previously and understood how it function and do it as same.
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    Hello Martin............................

    you say that these customization is possible. So please share if you have any idea how we can achieve these customization then tell me...................
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    I still don't know why you8 insist on wasting your time with developing a solution on a deprecated and unsupported technology that you'll have to throw away?
    What's the point? Why should you and I spend even a minute of our time with it? It's wrong thing to do.
  • Thanks Ganesh

    But i have a dought , how we can retrieve data from form to filter my data.........
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    can you explain me clearly?

    and clearly observed that xpo and how i am passing the parameters from form to report.