How do you I get a batch job running in 2009 and upgrade it to 2012.

I have batch Job running in AX 2009 and my company decided to upgrade to AX 2012. So now i need to move this batch job as well. It basically deals with communicating with a website (an intermediate) to take orders placed in amazon and then send back shipment confirmation to amazon through this website.

It has a class and several methods in DAX which i created associated with it which helps its accomplish this task. 

  • We can't give you any advice until you tell us what kind of problem you have with upgrading the code.

    Start with explaining what the code does ("communicating with a website" is way too general; it might mean a SOAP service, WebRequest and many other ways). Then explain which part doesn't work in AX 2012, therefore you have to redesign it.
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