Deadlock Error during Packing slip posting through AIF services

Hello Everyone,

We are using AIF Services to integrate AX sales process with third party application, it includes order creation, Load creation and Packing slip.

But we are getting continuous error on packing slip posting and error message is as below, error frequency is almost 1 out of 70 orders.

Cannot delete a record in Sales parm line information for India (SalesParmLine_IN). Reference: 0, 0. Deadlock, where one or more users have simultaneously locked the whole table or part of it. Posting Update has been cancelled.

Even we tried below code snippet as well

        // Packing slip posting code
    catch (Exception::Deadlock)

Please help in this regards, Thanks.

  • I'm not familiar with India-specific functionality there, nevertheless the usual approach is the same. First of all, check the Issue Search - maybe it's a known problem and a hotfix is available.

    If not, you should find out where the deadlock occurred, because you can't really address it if you don't what exactly failed.

    Enable deadlock logging on SQL Server - it will tell you which exact statements locked the resources. It's often enough for finding the X++ code executing these statements.
  • Hi,

    I got the same problem. have you got the solution ?