Job registration error "Feedback qty does not match actual operation started qty"

Hi all,

I have strange error when I try to start a production operation in Job registration form.
After I finished a production order before, I had to transfer all registrations so that I can end the production order.
But after that I created a new production order and now I can't use the Job registration form to do my production operations anymore.
For example, after I start an operation with quantity 2 and want to finish it, I enter in feedback form good quantity 2, but then I get error message "Feedback quantity 2,00 does not match the actual operation started quantity 0,00. Allowed production surplus is 0,00."
But my operation shows as started quantity 2.
I'd need to disable the Quantity validation in production parameters to work in the Job registration.
And sometime later when I enable the validation again, it would work again.

Does anyone know why this strange error is coming?