Sell item with Batch number in AX POS 2012


I Trying to sell items with an item dimension that requires batch numbers. Through the POS, I could sell the item but  it did not ask me for the Batch Number of the item. Also when I try to calculate the statement AX is prompting an error concerning the missing inventory dimension Batch Number Can someone please help me / refer me to documentation of how to use Batch Numbers with the AX for Retail POS(AX 2012 R2)?



  • Dear Prashant,

    we are also facing the same issue, and when our Support team escalated this to MicroSoft they said POS is not supporting the Batch.

    so remove all the batch or you can make sell order from sales and marketing and here you can select batch.


    if you find any solution for the batch issue please send me also.

    My skype ID is hacker_ng

    thanks & regards


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