trade agreement for price ( Purchase) problem

Hi ,

I have created the trade agreement for price ( Purchase)  as per the manual and posted that trade agreement . But when i PO for that vendor , that price is not updating in the PO level . I have checked from date and to date dates also. but still it is not updating the prices  in the purchase order.


  • Hi Ameen,

    Did you setup Price group and assigned it to the Vendor at Vendor form > Purchase Order (TAB) ??? If not, then Setup this & assign it to vendor.

    How much quantity & price did you mentioned in the Trade agreements > Purchase price ???

    For example: If you mentioned Qty as 10 and price as 500 in Trade agreements > Purchase price.

    And, In PO ... if you mentioned the Qty less than 10 then it won't pick the price.

    IF you mention 10+ Qty then it will pick the price of 500.

    Check this once. Hope you will get it.



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