AX 2012 licensing queries

Dear all,

Can you plz clarify on my queries on AX 2012 licensing:

1. If I buy a license like 10 functional users and 10 Enterprise users then can I assign these to 25 users
2. Task User roles are very minimal and not at all good. Some are hardly used in any organization
3. Can we assigned multiple roles to one named user ? if yes then how many license it will utilize.
4. For example: apart from the users who would be using the AX , I have another 20 employees for whom self service users am abt to purchase. If I buy 10 self service named CALs, will my 20 employees can use (though not at same time)
5. For the customized form and functionalities do we need to have a Enterprise user or can we use functional users. Ex: Maintenance is new module which we are creating..and there are no roles predefined. Can we assign it to a new task user role?

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