Steps to follow when refresh dual-write integrated environments (FO and CE)


The D365 finance & operations app is linked to Common Data Services through dual-write in development or sandbox environments. You are required to refresh databases in D365 FO and CDS both from another production environment (dual-write integrated (linked) environments in the scenario)

Steps to follow:

  1. Before initial refresh, log on to target environment
  2. Go to Data management > Dual write and stop all jobs
  3. Refresh FO and CDS environments from the same integrated source environments
  4. Go to Data management > Dual write and Unlink environments
  5. Clean data from following tables in D365FO if data exists
  6. DualWriteProjectConfiguration
  7. DualWriteProjectFieldConfiguration
  8. Clean data from DualWriteRunTimeConfiguration Table in CDS
  9. Link Environments
  10. Apply MS dual-write solutions and your custom solution if there is any
  11. Start jobs and no need for initial sync, both environments are already sync as were copied from another dual-write integrated source environments

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