How to run dual-write table map when underline entity table is setup under cross-company data sharing policy


Project groups are shared across all legal entities in D365 finance & operations app so have setup under one of the cross-company data sharing policies. You are also required to setup dual-write table map for project groups to sync from FO to CDS. However, you get following error message when you try to Run the table map

"Copying pre-existing data completed with errors.

For additional details, go to initial sync details tab."

Follow these steps to overcome this issue as a workaround. 

Steps to follow:

  1. Disable cross-company data sharing policy where ProjGroup table has been used
  2. Choose Yes at next pop up window
  3. Go to Data management > Dual write > select Project Groups table map and Run
  4. Enable cross-company data sharing policy for project groups
  5. Choose No at the next pop up window unless you want to copy data across all companies
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