Dual-write integration for Cross-Company data in D365 Finance Operation

Dual-write does not work with the cross company data sharing policies in D365 FinOps (there are so many names but I am using this name for reference ).

Brief overview about cross company data sharing policy first to set the base for the readers, the Cross-Company data sharing lets you have your data accessible from multiple legal entities (companies in D365 FinOps). For example, if you setup a policy for vendors to be crossed-company then whenever you create a new vendor it will be created in all data sharing legal entities.


Now, What happened when you a table under cross-company data sharing (e.g. VendTable) and want to sync vendors through dual-write?

Since, VendTable is one of the data sources for Vendors data entity (dual-write entity map) and we know dual-write does not work well with cross-company data sharing by design. You get following error message when you try to Run the entity map.

"Copying pre-existing data completed with errors.
For additional details, go to initial sync details tab."

The error message is confusing and does not reflect the actual issue behind the scene - you will never be able to figured it out what is wrong until you raise it with MS dual-write team and share the activity Id of the job with them to investigate the telemetry (you don't have access to check this one ) then they share the root cause.

However, You can also investigate by putting a breakpoint in method validateDataSharingEnabledForEntityTableBeforDualWriteEnable() of class SysDataSharingValidation.

/// <summary>
    /// Validates that cross company data sharing is not enabled when enabling Dual Write.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name = "_entityName">The name of the entity containing the table being enabled</param>
    /// <param name = "_tableName">Table in entity</param>
    /// <param name = "_dataAreaId">Company info</param>
    [SubscribesTo(classStr(BusinessEventsRegistrationBase), staticdelegatestr(BusinessEventsRegistrationBase, onTableEnabled))]
    public static voidvalidateDataSharingEnabledForEntityTableBeforDualWriteEnable(str _entityName, str _tableName, DataAreaId _dataAreaId)
        SysDataSharingOrganization sysDataSharingOrganizationTable;
        select firstonly SharedTableName from sysDataSharingRuleEnabledTable
                wheresysDataSharingRuleEnabledTable.SharedTableName == _tableName
                    join DataSharingPolicy, DataSharingCompany from sysDataSharingOrganizationTable
                         where sysDataSharingRuleEnabledTable.DataSharingPolicy == sysDataSharingOrganizationTable.DataSharingPolicy
                &&  sysDataSharingOrganizationTable.DataSharingCompany == _dataAreaId;
        if (sysDataSharingRuleEnabledTable)
            throwerror(strFmt("@DataSharing:CrossCompanySharingError", _entityName, sysDataSharingOrganizationTable.DataSharingPolicy));

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