Inventory cost at different sites

In a previous post we had a look at a walkthrough of how AX keeps the item cost and the evaluation to FIFO in that example. In a larger installation you might have different sites.

Site being the supply chain structure under that is your warehouses and production unit. AX keeps the cost value at a site level so you have the ability to use that structure if you need to have the same items at different sites but their costs might be different.

For example one warehouse might be on the other side of the country so it takes more freight to get items there and store them so you might want to reflect this in the inventory value. While you can’t change the valuation method for the same item in different sites you can have a different cost.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU11

If you are starting to learn AX and not familiar with sites and warehouse then have a look at this post.



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