Create Financial Reporting App - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations LBD

Hi LBD enthusiastic,

here I'm sharing the steps that we need to follow in order to install manually the Financial Reporting App.
Walk through the MR Node and follow those steps:
  1. If present with error, delete the FR app from the Fabric or run the following command with 3 parameters:
    \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx\Apps\FR\Deployment\FinancialReportingDeployer.exe \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx\\config.json \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx Cleanup
  2. If needed, remove also the FR Database (take a backup first) and configure it again. About the installation, go through the link
  3. Install the FR App:
    \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx\Apps\FR\Deployment\FinancialReportingDeployer.exe \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx\config.json \\fileserver\Agent\wp\Environment\StandaloneSetup-xxxxxx Setup

Thank you also to Uwe Zimmermann, MS LBD guru.

Till now!
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